Will You Be My Bestie?

Bestie stick figures

We are working on gathering research for our book! Yes, you read right – our book! How cool is that?!

Here’s the scoop…

Carol and Cindy have been teaching about employee engagement for over 13 years – yes, it’s been that long!  It’s really at the core of what we do.  For the last few years we’ve incorporated Gallup’s research on engagement that includes their 12 drivers of engagement. One of these drivers is, “I have a best friend at work.” Any time that we teach this concept, people are always a little shocked.

Gallup claims that having a best friend at work contributes to deeper success for individuals and organizations. Now, when we think about the concept of the best friend, we feel it’s rooted deep to the concepts of crazy-strong relationships, showing love, building trust, being an incredible listener (in other words, everything we stand for). The thing that’s been holding us back on writing this book is that much of what we teach has already been written about – so those things need to be placed in a new and original framework that’s provocative, curious, and interesting.  The framework? Teaching our Leading Edge philosophy and concepts through the lens of having “a best friend at work.”

How can you help?

You can take our survey! It takes only a of couple minutes and is completely anonymous. Our main goal of this survey is to get an understanding of where people are at with this topic.