Mini Clips

Looking to make a learning impact and transform your organizational culture?  Don’t want to invest a lot of time in bringing your employees offline for training? We can help! With our engaging and customizable Mini Clips, employees can take a few minutes each month to boost their skills in emotional intelligence, relationship-building, time management, customer service and collaboration.  Our highly effective clips have been proven to increase employee success and engagement, support company culture and improve customer service. 

  • 3 to 5 minutes in length 
  • Completely Customized to Your Company, Customers, and Services
  • Video clip features a short lecture as well as our hilarious comedic scenes that bring the content to life
  • Personal Reflection Worksheet and Team Discussion Guide comes with each clip in order to deepen the learning
  • Some of our most popular topics include: Put An End to Gossip, Listening, Being Present, Developing Others and Asking Questions