The Aplico Story

As organizations have evolved from employees sharing a single shared office to having employees scattered across regions (and even the world), the approach to training and development has had to change.

Aplico™ is born.

Aplico™ stands for Applied Learning for Companies and Organizations. It is an online, video-based learning management system that delivers powerful learning in an engaging and hilarious way.


  • Learning modules are designed for managers and individual contributors – with relevant situations, challenges, and issues – so employees can learn and be successful in their roles both at work and in their everyday lives!
  • Each module contains workshops that incorporate research and best practices.
  • Improvisational comedic scenes bring learning to life.
  • Pre- and post-quizzes build awareness and measure growth.
  • Practical tools such as individual learning guides and team discussion guides can be downloaded and immediately applied on the job.


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