As organizations have expanded from a single office space to a distance workplace (e.g., regional offices, different time zones, work from home situations, etc.), the approach to training employees and leaders has had to change.

Sadly, most online learning options are stagnant and breathtakingly dull.  Worse, they don’t really teach the skills that lead to critical behavior change.

Until now.  Just as we have revolutionized in-person workshops with interactivity and humor, we have changed the game around online learning. We offer two options for online learning: In-depth individual modules to purchase and own or Aplico: a membership-based online library of courses in an easy-to-use web platform.  See below to find out more!


Ready Mid 2013

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  • Classes
  • Create Classes
  • Cloud Based
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40 engaging leadership learning modules within six critical categories. Each course is designed to move a person forward – in their career and in their life.

Content Categories:

  • Manage
  • Inspire
  • Collaborate
  • Succeed
  • Serve
  • Live
Each module contains quizzes to build awareness and measure your growth, practical tools that you can download and use, and video-based workshops that incorporate the improvisation comedic scenes that bring the learning to life. It’s unique and it works.

  • Manage
  • Collaborate
  • Inspire
  • Succeed
  • Live
  • Serve
  • Set Goals
  • Develop Others
  • Evaluate Performance
  • Manage Problems
  • Delegate
  • Build Trust
  • Manage from a Distance
  • Build on Strengths
  • Give Feedback
  • Interview and Select Talent
  • End Gossip
  • Build Trust
  • Maximize Meetings
  • Invite Perspectives
  • Inspire Commitment
  • Develop Passionate Goals
  • Innovate
  • Connect with Diverse Generations
  • Question Powerfully
  • Connect with the Difficult
  • Engage Others
  • Inspire Your Group
  • Share Values
  • Support Change
  • Create a Vision
  • Tell a Story
  • Reward and Recognize
  • Coach
  • Tell the Truth
  • Learn Their Names
  • Convey Credibility
  • Manage Priorities
  • Build Connections
  • Be Present
  • Share Information
  • Manage Con?ict
  • Learn Always
  • Leverage Change
  • Speaking Up (with Assertiveness)
  • Solve Problems
  • Say Yes More
  • Build Your Body
  • Mind Your Brain
  • Be Happy
  • Feed Your Spirit
  • Give Back
  • Love Others
  • Take Breaks
  • Step Out (of your Comfort Zone)
  • Laugh (and Make Others Laugh, too)
  • Anticipate Needs
  • Get Personal
  • Empathize
  • Listen
  • Demonstrate Urgency
  • Encourage Others
Create your own classes, quizzes and documents and store on Aplico! Aplico includes class creation ability so you can easily develop training tools on any technical topic for your business or industry.
Cloud based storage with 99.9% uptime. We utilize Rackspace, the gold standard in cloud computing. With cloud storage, you get tools that work on any platform or mobile device, like iPads, tablets, iPhones, etc.
Aplico is built to embrace your brand. The system can be tailored with your logo and colors. With our content, your own classes and your company look – Aplico can be the center of your professional development voice.


Individual Courses Availabe Now

Individual Leading Edge Learning Modules: Not ready for an entire library of courses? Perhaps you have a need for a single course. Our Individual Leading Edge Learning Modules are in-depth courses that cover specific topics. All modules include our comedic scenes to emphasize and bring to life the topic. These modules are customized with your company, and can include your organization-specific tools (like performance management appraisal forms or competency model). We have great courses available on the following topics:

    • – Performance Management
      • Goal Setting and Development Planning
      • Feedback and Mid-Year Appraisals
      • Final Year-End Appraisals
    • – Interview and Selection
    • – Virtual Leadership
    • – Delivering and Receiving Feedback
    • – Progressive Discipline

Have Questions? We’d love to connect! Please contact us on the CONNECT page for further information.


Comparing the Options

Aplico or Individual Leading Edge Learning Modules? Below is a chart that compares the two:

Features Aplico Individual Module
Cloud based system:
works on all mobile devices (iPads, iPhones, etc)
Check Mark
(Works on PCs only as it’s flash-based)
Module format & length
Movie-like format
(10-15 min. in length)
Power Point format w/video “scenes”
(30-40 min. in length)
Number of learning modules
Includes 40 modules across 6 different leadership categories
Includes one module on a specific topic
Includes quizzes to increase learning and retention
Check Mark
Check Mark
Ability to create your own classes, quizzes and supporting documents on any topic and store on our Aplico Platform
Check Mark
Includes relevant supporting documents & book referrals
Check Mark
Check Mark
How to Purchase*
Purchase a membership where the User has access to all modules available today and those created or updated in the future.
Purchase to Own
(does not include future updates)

* Aplico and Articulate modules with “scenes” customized to the client available upon request, else “common business-type comedic scenes” will be used in the videos.