Interested in sending some of your leaders to a transformative and extraordinary Leading Edge learning experience? Wishing that your managers would inspire, engage, and move people forward within your organization? For the first time, Leading Edge is offering their full-day learning lab workshops public sessions!

Forget PowerPoint! Leading Edge founders, Carol Grannis and Cindy Maher, will captivate learners with their hilarious and thought-provoking blend of humor and improvisational scenes, research and best-practices. During this unique learning lab experience, participants will get a number of opportunities to coach others and to receive coaching as well. There’s nothing like it!

These four uniquely engaging Learning Labs will build your leadership capabilities whether you’re an executive, front-line manager, or high potential professional. 

The High-Engagement Leader

Make a positive impact on your workplace climate (and your bottom- line). Topics will include: drivers of engagement, strengths-based leadership, and emotional intelligence.  By the end of the session, leaders will walk away being able to:

  • Recognize what drives engagement and why it’s so critical to organizational success
  • Manage people from a strengths-based approach to motivate and inspire
  • Assess yourself on four emotional intelligence competencies
  • Be more present with others through listening and curiosity

The Habits of Leaders

What do you do each day that supports the health of you, your people, and your organization? In physics, energy is your capacity to work. In this workshop, we’ll explore what habits you can take on to maximize joy, productivity and profits.  By the end of the session, leaders will walk away being able to:

  • Recognize what you do each day that gives you the energy to lead
  • Identify four wellsprings of energy and build awareness around what’s getting in your way
  • Understand how leadership, employee, and organizational habits can lead us astray
  • Learn how to replace bad habits with better ones, leading to engagement and higher productivity

Leader as Influencer

Power up your credibility and influence in this intensive full-day workshop. Topics will include maximizing your communication efforts, driving change, storytelling, and reaching audiences of different generations. By the end of the session, leaders will walk away being able to:

  • Identify what drives credibility and assess yourself in five areas
  • Communicate change more effectively to achieve buy-in
  • Build trust and connect with others through empathy and equality
  • Influence stakeholders from different generations

Transforming Talent into Leaders

The most successful leaders are constantly developing their talent. Learn how to manage and develop all of the people in your team from the highest potentials to the lowest performers.  By the end of the session, leaders will walk away being able to:

  • Recognize how development happens and assess how you’re doing in your organization
  • Delegate for development in a way that helps you, the employee, and the business
  • Identify the development needs of your highest performers, your “B Players” and your problem performers
  • Alleviate performance problems by diagnosing the problem, and holding transformative discussions

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