Organization Development

How does your senior leadership team function? Are your meetings dynamic, with plenty of passionate debate and committed group decision-making? Do you struggle with silos – creating situations where your executives work against each other?

A Leading Edge team workshop will move your organization forward. With an emphasis on building trusting relationships, engaging executives in healthy conflict, and holding each other accountable – we get people talking to each other in a way that doesn’t typically happen. Team members will put the best and the worst on the table and work through it. Utilizing Patrick Lencioni’s “Five Dysfunctions of a Team” model, we walk through each dysfunction with a clear description, an extraordinary theatrical scene, and a facilitated, deep conversation.

We don’t do trust falls. There is no singing of Kumbaya. Instead, there is laughter and real discussion that will develop the team dynamics that you. And that’s not all…

We don’t leave until the team has developed a compelling rallying cry–a set of collective, strategic goals that will unify the team and drive your organization forward.