Employee Development

If you want to retain and grow your best talent, it’s critical to offer development and growth opportunities to your managers and individual contributors.  Learning is one of the key drivers of employee engagement, and that’s key. After all when employees are highly engaged, they are focused on accomplishing big things. Leading Edge understands how to identify the development areas that are most important to your business … and which medium of training makes most sense.

At Leading Edge we take a look at your business strategy, asking: what are you working towards? Then, we help you to recognize the gaps: Where are you succeeding? Where are you falling short? What skills and competencies do your employees need to move you forward?

Once we have defined who needs to learn what … we recommend strategies for the best way to enhance those skills. It may be one of our instructor-led workshops, filled with tools, skills, and hilarious improvisational comedy that bring the concepts to life. It may be an on-line module that employees can complete on their desktop. Or maybe the best method isn’t training at all; a mentoring program, a customized coaching tool or job aid. We have a robust catalog of employee development sessions that can be customized to your group and specific learning needs.

Don’t see what you need in the catalog? That’s okay. We are experts at how adults learn, so we can develop and design workshops from the ‘ground up’ to meet your specific learning needs.