What do all of our client organizations need? It doesn’t matter whether they are private or public companies, government agencies, not-for-profit, large or small – they all need people who work well together. At Leading Edge, we have created and honed team development interventions that are powerful, valuable, and transformative.

We have taken our 20-plus years of working with teams, mixed it with the latest research, added our trademark brand of humor, meaningful discussion, and relevant team tools – and have come up with the Leading Edge Team Session. These one-day or two-day sessions have proven so successful that we have been called the “Team Whisperers” by a number of clients.

A successful team has two things going for it: 1) the team has a clear and compelling goal, a context for working together, and 2) they trust each other and actually like working together. Yes, you read that right … they really, really like each other. We have developed an amazing team approach to ensure that those two things happen. Our work with teams has been so successful that many of our clients have us work with each team in their entire organization; some have us back each year to conduct ‘check-ins’ in order to ensure that important teams stay on track.