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Leadership Development Series

(Five half-days)

Many organizations look for a solid foundation for their managers of people. Leading Edge has put together an engaging suite of sessions that build your manager capability over a period of weeks or months. In between each session, participants are asked to complete a reading to prepare them for the next session and to apply the skills immediately with the people who work for them.

Module 1: A Transition to Leadership

  • Support trusting relationships and a resonant environment by:
  • Managing your friends with grace, respect, and clear expectations
  • Assessing your leadership buzz; get a sense of what’s being said
  • Understanding how confidentiality supports trust, and know how and when you are required to share confidences up
  • Understanding a leader’s emotional impact on resonance and dissonance within an organization
  • Developing a leadership presence by: being present when it matters, listening and questioning

Module 2: Supporting Engagement and Growth

I. Strengths-based Leadership
  • Build awareness around your own strengths
  • Ensure that people have an opportunity to do what they do best
  • Recognize how confidence relates to successful development
II. Delegating
  • Recognize the barriers to delegating
  • Identify components of work that can be delegated
  • Identify individuals you can delegate to
  • Practice a conversation that works every time

Module 3: Team Leadership

Maximize group dynamics and meet critical team goals through:
  • 5 Dysfunctions of a Team: building trust, supporting productive conflict, ensuring commitment, holding people accountable, building a clear set of shared results
  • Team Meetings: ensuring that they’re worthwhile, interactive, interesting, and productive
  • Managing Conflict: expectations of a manager

Module 4: Coaching and Motivating Others

  • Understands what drives others and motivates them to develop and excel
  • Build a trusting, coaching relationships where learning happens bi-directionally
  • Practice the GROW model and the Performance Wheel for ongoing growth and problem resolution
  • Engage in regular one-on-ones that engage employees and move them forward

Module 5: Credibility and Energy

  • Understanding how your behaviors can impact your credibility with clients and employees
  • Strengthen key stand-up skills of body language and vocal quality for application with one-on-one or group meetings
  • Use PowerPoint effectively and always have a purpose when communicating with others
  • Understand how low energy can impact credibility
  • Identify which of the four well-springs of energy are being neglected
  • Develop ways of renewing energy so that you are at your peak performance all day