Performance Management

Goal-setting and development planning. Mid-year appraisals and Feedback. Final year-end appraisals. These critical, annual business activities are reviled by many. Until Leading Edge walks in.

Through engaging workshops and easy-to-implement tools, we transform performance management from a dreaded form-focused, time-consuming task into meaningful and collaborative discussions. How do you make performance management something everyone looks forward to?

You engage everyone. We believe that managers don’t own the performance management process. In fact, it is owned by both the manager and the employee. We teach both groups how to maximize these conversations into meetings that move everyone forward. Ask us about our one-page form that will transform the process and push your old multi-page form into the recycle bin.

Our training can be delivered in-person or on-line. Performance management that’s enjoyable and meaningful? That’s what we mean by “leading edge.”