Franchise Development

We love the Franchise World! Why? Because everyone in franchisi­ng is in the people business, and we love people.

At Leading Edge, we have a passion for helping franchise organizations learn critical leadership and emotional intelligence skills like being present and listening, showing up with enthusiasm and caring, empathy, and service. Essentially, we teach franchise system leaders and franchisees to show up in a way that strengthens the brand, builds trust, supports customer loyalty, generates employee engagement, and helps you to meet your business goals.

Our approach is leadership from the inside out. Great franchisees are only as great as their corporate support team. Our workshops and online courses support powerful franchise-franchisee relationships. And when franchise systems enjoy improved relationships, better communication, and stronger support – costly mediation, arbitration, and litigation becomes completely avoided.

Other companies teach franchise leadership, but nobody does it like Leading Edge. We use humor, best practices, easy-to-apply skills and tools, and improvisational comedic scenes that bring the learning to life. We customize our scenes to include your franchisees’ challenges and situations; that’s what makes the learning experience relevant and magical. Our sessions incorporate an engaging mix of peer discussion, skill practice, and deep reflection, powered by authentic laughter and enjoyment. It’s not just fun, it’s transformative.