Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement happens when there is a strong psychological connection to an organization, a team, or a company. When employees are highly engaged in their work, they are doing their BEST work.  Employees are more productive, creative, better problem-solvers, and better at building deep relationships with team members and customers. 

You want your employees to be highly engaged–but how do you do it? Leading Edge helps companies understand what drives engagement, and what specifically is getting in the way for employees and managers.

It all begins with building awareness around the strengths and opportunities for your organization. We quickly implement a validated on-line engagement survey that is customized to your business, followed by in-person focus groups. But it doesn’t stop there.

We synthesize the data in order to tell a clear, compelling story. We’ll walk you through how your organization fared through six key drivers: communication, management, success and wellness, company values and direction, rewards and recognition, and daily team satisfaction. Finally, we work with all of your leaders and managers to prioritize and develop action plans. Employees feel heard and valued as critical and visible initiatives make your organization a best place to work.