Our agency has been working closely with Leading Edge for the past two years. Their in-person sessions with our managers and employees have transformed the way we communicate with each other within the organization. Their sessions are engaging, relevant and motivating! Carol and Cindy are very special people - they truly care about and support our employees and our business.
HR Manager / Toronto, Canada
Just thought I’d pass these along to you–I can’t ever remember having a presentation where overall no one reported being dissatisfied. Great work Carol! Have a wonderful day!
Dan Dougherty
Director of Organizational Development / Northcentral Technical College
Leading Edge partnered with our organization to provide training uniquely tailored to our industry and our individual business unit needs. The information presented is current best practice--the sessions are always interactive and fun. Our employees view Cindy and Carol as valued members of our team.
D. Haase
Senior Vice President / Publicis Medical Education Group
Leading Edge has been offering leadership development sessions for our Franchise Owners for the last three years. We have welcomed them to all of our learning venues and they are a hit every time. I have never witnessed such enthusiasm by participants in learning about leadership – they have impacted our franchisees and our entire franchise system in a positive way. They remind us about the powerful human element in leadership.
Chuck Runyon
Carol is energetic and passionate about what she does...much like us!!
Franchise Owner / Anytime Fitness
Carol and Cindy are passionate and hilariously funny with their presentation. The style they use will cause concepts presented to "stick". Everyone who interacts with people at all needs the information these ladies provide. Leading Edge teachings are a beautifully arranged gift, in an even more beautiful package.
Paige Peterson
Multi-Club Owner, Previous FAC Member / Anytime Fitness
Leading Edge Coaching and Development is the most professional, knowledgeable and credible consulting firm that I have worked with thus far. I have worked in the field of Human Resources for over 10 years, and never have I had the pleasure of working with such a remarkable group of people. We regard them as partners in our training and development initiatives. I highly recommend them to any organization!
C. Curry
Senior HR Director / ICC, New Jersey
This was the best workshop I have ever been to. Cindy and Carol were extremely entertaining while delivering valuable information.
HR Leader
National Institutes of Health
Attending the leadership boot camp was a transformative experience for me. I spent 3 days being challenged, educated and entertained. Not only did I get to spend time with a group of peers that were extremely engaged, but I was forced to look at my leadership style and abilities through a brand new lens. Any club owner that is interested in pushing himself/herself to the next level should definitely attend.
John Spence
Multi-Club Owner, 2008 Operator of the Year / Anytime Fitness
I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful experience. I can honestly say in 24 years of supervision that I have not attended a class that held my interest as much as yours did today. I’ve been to many presentations in that room, and it is so easy to drift off. I’m a sucker for humor and wit, which you both have and blend flawlessly into the learning material. I noticed a lot of new supervisors in the room that can use this knowledge. For me, it’s a great reminder of things that I need to keep doing and some new things to think about. Again, thank you!
Robert O. Colivas
Supervisor / SUTD Technology Unit
Carol was very engaging and kept the audience on their toes because we weren't sure what she was going to do next. The stories that Carol used to illustrate her examples were ones that the audience could relate to so it wasn't confusing and really made sense. Having us do small exercises in between her speaking was also great because we were able to put to use what she just spoke about and we didn't forget it.
Feedback Session Evaluation: Delivering & Receiving / Anytime Fitness
Firstly, you did a fantastic job. I think that you addressed and diffused certain challenges and you did not allow any of us to walk away unheard. I think you are both on the verge of greatness and you are on to something with the dynamic that exists between the Carol and Cindy show and your clients. I mostly appreciated your generosity of time, heart and mind. It demonstrated a sincere commitment to helping us succeed, beyond the boundaries of our appointment.
Post Meeting Evaluation / Blue Chip Executive Team Session
Acting out the scenarios was an excellent teaching tool forcing us to hold a mirror up to ourselves. The discussions after the scenes and the exercises were all outstanding and were used to express a point and not used to fill up the day.
Session Evaluation / NIH HR
Worthwhile, enjoyable, relevant, memorable.’ Words that I’ve never used to describe a corporate training session are absolutely apt when describing a Leading Edge workshop… just fantastic!
J. Powell
Fulcrum Analytics, Fairfield, CT
I enjoyed working with Cindy and Carol, their enthusiasm is contagious!! In my opinion, I feel that their visual and role playing approach is a beneficial teaching style. This is one of the best workshops I have ever attended This is one leadership forum that I will retain and am looking forward to using in my development both in business and personal interactions. Thank you.
I have had many opportunities to attend leadership training and seminars. However, none have been done so effectively and at the same time in an entertaining manner. You have both shown us that learning can be fun! I hope that NHLBI and NIH will take advantage of other presentations that you may offer so that we benefit from your own example of leadership.
R. Blaine Moore
Ph.D. / National Heart Lung and Blood Institute
Leading Edge leadership seminars are unique and effective. They share information in a manner that is memorable, easily assimilated, and immediately actionable. Leading Edge is an incredible partner in building a leadership program.
Chief Talent Officer / Manning Selvage & Lee



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