Co-Founder & Managing Partner

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People have laughed, cried, and connected through her teaching! Carol is a heartfelt and compelling storyteller who empowers her clients. Her engaging sessions share her experience with thousands of leaders throughout her years as an HR Leader and business owner. Why is this important? You’ll gain the understanding and the connection of how you show up as a leader – and how you show up as a person/parent/sibling/friend.

Energetic and creative, Carol works directly with you to assess your organizational needs and future goals. Utilizing employee surveys and performance management processes, as well as providing leadership development and executive coaching, Carol never fails to leave a memorable and lasting mark on those who work with her.

When Leading Edge Coaching and Development began in 2003, Carol’s mission was to help organizations improve the resonance in their culture, reach their business goals, increase their bottom-line, and strengthen internal relationships. With her passion and commitment (plus an amazing team), Leading Edge has had a profound impact on her clients and the success of their organizations – and they are proud to say that their first clients, are still their clients, 10 years later.

With over 20 years in leadership development and HR strategies, Carol has worked with clients from a rich variety of industries from pharma and financial services to advertising and healthcare. A former HR executive, she has held senior HR positions at ING Financial Services, Protocare Research and the Chicago Center for Clinical Research.

Busy, kind and fun loving, Carol is also a happy wife and mom to three, who surprisingly is healthfully addicted to Bravo TV. And her favorite thing about all the travel she does: downloading TV episodes on her iPad.

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Experienced + Passionate

  • Expert in leadership, team development and communication strategies
  • Nationally recognized keynote speaker
  • Masters of Education in Adult Learning
  • Double Major in Interpersonal & Public Communications (Theatre Minor)
  • Pursuing a doctoral degree in organizational development


Co-Founder & Managing Partner

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Prior to Leading Edge, Cindy led leadership development efforts at ING North America and also held a number of senior HR positions at Aetna (including talent management for the top 200 and succession planning).

Cindy is the master training designer for Leading Edge, developing programs that incorporate their unique blend of leadership best practices, improvisational comedy, dynamic discussion, and skill practice.  She also designs the visually creative and simple handouts that leaders can take back to the workplace, enabling them to retain their newly acquired skills and applying them on the job.  Cindy also develops digital, online learning modules that include hilarious and enlightening Leading Edge video clips and interactive quizzes that reinforce the learning.

Cindy graduated from the University of Connecticut with a BFA in Theatre.  She also went to Central Connecticut State University for graduate studies in teaching and education.  In addition, Cindy has been certified by: Coaches’ Training Institute (CTI), MBTI Professional Qualifying Program, William Bridges’ Change & Transition Certification, Communispond’s Presentation Skills Certification, and various 360 Leadership Assessment certifications including the Center for Creative Leadership’s Prospector & Benchmarks, PDI’s Profilor, and the Campbell Leadership Index.

By night, you can see Cindy performing improvisational comedy in venues around Connecticut.  At home, Cindy is kept entertained by her two teen-aged daughters: Katie and Becca – and funny husband Stephen.  During her down time, Cindy enjoys watching “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and “Modern Family,” and working on losing those last 15 pounds.


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Gifted Educator

  • Charismatic Keynote Speaker
  • Designs Unique Workshops and Keynotes
  • Develops Creative Digital Online Courses
  • Expert in Leadership, Communication and Teams
  • BFA in Theatre, with Graduate Studies in Education