Our company began in 2003 with a vision of offering leadership coaching, training and consulting that would be completely unique
in the marketplace.

We engage the world through love, humor and transformational learning. We do this by offering unique experiences, in-person and online, that move a person forward–in their career and in their life.

We have a funny way of teaching… we actually use theater to show you what it looks like when someone is not showing up as great as they could be. These scenes get you laughing and learning at the same time!

Organization Development

At the heart of our services is a rich background and discipline in the area of organizational development (OD). This field has its history in human resources (HR) and we started our careers as proud HR professionals. OD is all about maximizing the human capital of your business and aligning the people to your mission. Our OD services start with an assessment and build on your strengths and help you solve some problems.

Franchise Development

At Leading Edge, we have a passion for helping franchise organizations learn critical leadership and emotional intelligence skills like being present and listening, showing up with enthusiasm and caring, empathy, and service.



Are your leaders and employees scattered throughout the country? No worries! Our engaging online training modules combine the same tools, strategies and improvisational scenes that we’re famous for.